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The group has always worked on the guiding principles of Honesty, Integrity, Mutual Respect and Foresightedness, and hence the family has a great acceptance in State of Kuwait among Natives and also amongst the Indians and Expats.

With a Group Employee Strength of more than 100,  the Company has now decided to unleash it’s Vison and hence the EMERGENCE of METALLICA GENERAL TRADING & CONTRACTING COMPANY W.L.L. with a specific Vision, defined Mission and preconceived Values becomes a reality.

Our Objective is to provide a creative platform to innovative and professionally managed companies worldwide; to operate in the most effective manner and become a part of the growing economy of the young nation, and contribute in infrastructure development to the great nation of Kuwait, at the same time earn a good fortune for their own nation and organizations, thus establishing a perfect Win-Win situation.

Our success is attributed to our smart team of professionals who are engaged in round the clock service delivery operations to ensure customer delight.

  • Reasonable Factory Builder .
  • Reasonable Expert Engineer .
  • Reasonable Safety & Security .
  • Reasonable Residential Builder .
  • Reasonable Quality Products .

Through our diverse industrial representation, technical knowhow and Investment Companies our endeavor is to strive to pioneer the energy strength of Kuwait and meet future demands.

Through a commitment to excellence, a dedicated human Capital and adaptation to leading and innovative technologies, we strive to deliver quality, innovative products and services, and investment opportunities. This has made us a preferred joint venture and partnership company with foreign forward looking companies.

With the unique concept of Enterprise to Enterprise Organization partnering into the strategy and operations of professional organizations with proven record and also adding value to their growth and delivery in the field of Infrastructure, Oil and Gas, Hospitality, Logistics , Construction, General Trading and Consulting.

Today we are partnering with specialists and quality-oriented companies from across the globe and maintaining a steady delivery in diversified fields.

We are not a number but a quality-oriented organization and our ethos is guiding us to remain focused towards quality rather than entirely focusing on numbers.

METALLICA  is an organization with a firm belief of Long term sustenance than quick profits and hence we operate with a promise of relationship building with mutual trust and respect.


Mission & Vision